Mission Statement

The University of Ottawa Entrepreneurship Hub provides the resources, programs, and networks that can support students at any point in their entrepreneurial journey. The Entrepreneurship Hub is all about opening a world of opportunities for students whether they are just starting to dream about launching their own business, pursuing the application of an idea, or motivated to acquire entrepreneurial skills.


“The uOttawa Entrepreneurship Hub will not only help to produce graduates who can integrate the latest knowledge into better products and services, but who also have the skills and experience to start their own businesses or innovate within existing companies.”
— Allan Rock, University of Ottawa president and vice-chancellor


“In an age where rapid change is the norm, students who develop an entrepreneurial mindset are far better prepared to anticipate opportunities and act on ideas that can help make a positive difference in the world.”
— Dane Bedward, Entrepreneurship Leaders Council, uOttawa Entrepreneurship Hub


“The challenges of entrepreneurship are numerous. The more resources and opportunities for mentorship one can expose themselves to, the fuller your knowledge and vision of your business can be.  This allows future challenges to become exciting hurdles to surmount.”
— Régine Paquette, Co-owner of Victoire Boutique

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