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About us

Our story

The Entrepreneurship Hub (the eHub) was born in November 2013 when the University of Ottawa agreed to invest $1 million to leverage its existing investments in entrepreneurship.

Its purpose was simple: to shape an entrepreneurial mindset across our campus. To do so, the eHub would promote a campus-wide entrepreneurship strategy, while recognizing the unique strengths of our individual collaborators.

The entrepreneurial spirit has been part of the University of Ottawa’s fabric for years. The Telfer School of Management, the Faculty of Engineering and Innovation Support Services have consistently carried out initiatives and programs. In the decade prior to the establishment of the eHub, these driving forces had facilitated the creation of over 50 new ventures.

Today, the eHub supports existing contributors and act as a catalyst for new partners in uOttawa faculties, schools, services and student associations.

Our mission and vision

The University of Ottawa’s Entrepreneurship Hub provides the resources, programs and networks to support students at any point in their entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial journey, whether they are dreaming about launching their own business, pursuing their ideas or seeking to acquire entrepreneurial skills for the job market.

Our approach

We embrace a holistic model of entrepreneurship that will appeal to any student who wants to think like an entrepreneur, become an entrepreneur and succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Education: We offer programming, events and entrepreneurial learning opportunities.
  • Support: We offer real-world experiences, financial backing and key resources to support students and alumni.
  • Collaboration: We offer a valuable network of champions and experts to help students and alumni collaborate and succeed.

Our team

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